Martha bucaram biografia

En la Martha de Roldos, desconozco el kilometro pero es en la principal Tanca Marengo, a unos metros antes de llegar al Registro Civil, en sentido N - S.

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Iniciaron las labores en el local de la Escuela Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco, cedida muy gentilmente por su director el Lic.

El personal docente era de 7 personas: Lic. Luisa Maruri Salvatierra, Arq.

martha bucaram biografia

Jorge Vintimilla Palacios, Lic. Grace Encalada Larreategui, Lic. Luisa Maruri Salvatierra y Arq. Enes designada rectora titular la distinguida maestra Dra. Enes designada Vicerrectora titular la Lic.

martha bucaram biografia

En Julio de la Dra. Enel Consejo provincial, hizo el cerramiento perimetral del solar del plantel. Cecilia Sotomayor Falquez, quien permanece en estas funciones hasta Marzo de Enel Prefecto Provincial de Guayas, Sr.

Susana Herrera de Vieira, decide retirarse de nuestro colegio, lo cual fue muy sentida; pero, su imagen sigue latente por sus obras realizadas.

En Octubre de es designada Vicerrectora titular la Lcda. En se encarga del Rectorado la Lic. El Ec. En febrero dees designada Rectora titular la distinguida educadora Lic. La Lic. En enero de la Lcda. En Enero de se hace cargo del rectorado del Plantel la Lcda. Comunidad Montalvina 14 de junio de a las Agregar un comentario.

Suscribirse a: Comentarios de la entrada Atom.Nacido en Guayaquil el 5 de noviembre deprovincia del Guayas, tercero de tres hermanos.

Su oratoria tiene antecedentes. El 8 de marzo de pone en vigencia el Plan Nacional de Desarrollo. Los enfrentamientos se dieron en la zona de Paquisha, Mayaycu y Machinaza.

En la capital tuvo lugar un funeral de Estado, en el Palacio de Carondelet y en la Catedral Metropolitana. Desde el Papa Juan Pablo II hasta los gobernantes del continente y de todo el mundo hicieron llegar sus notas de pesar por este fatal suceso.

Ecuatorianos, fuimos serios y honestos.

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Seguimos siendo serios y honestos en todos y cada uno de nuestros planteamientos. Que no sean las palabras sino las obras, las que den el testimonio de nuestras intenciones. Probemos el amor de la Patria cumpliendo cada quien con nuestro deber. Este Ecuador que no lo queremos enredado en lo intrascendente, sino en lo valeroso, luchador, infatigable, forjando un destino de grandeza.

El Ecuador eterno y unido en la defensa de su heredad territorial. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Youtube, ed. Consultado el 29 de marzo de Consultado el 28 de abril de Consultado el 4 de septiembre de Archivado desde el original el 19 de junio de Explored, ed.

Archivado desde el original el 21 de julio de Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales, ed. Ecuavisaed. Archivado desde el original el 28 de junio de Consultado el 9 de julio de Teleamazonased. Archivado desde el original el 5 de noviembre de Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial.February 12, Bucaram and his followers claim that all cases against him have been dismissed. After having lived in Panama under political asylum, he returned to Ecuador in when the charges against him expired. Born in GuayaquilBucaram was the son of Lebanese immigrants.

He grew up playing football in the streets of Guayaquil and later went on to become a successful athlete and earn a degree in physical education.

La partida de Adolfo Bucarám causó consternación en sus deudos

He was also a hurdler. He was the flag bearer for Ecuador at the Summer Olympics but did not compete in the Games due to injury. Bucaram was the nephew of the politician Assad Bucaramwho was mayor of Guayaquil. He then competed for the presidency of the Republic in and before succeeding in the run. He was the first elected president to do so. Bucaram was President from August 10,to February 6, His cabinet was put together by Vice President Rosalia Arteaga. Within months Bucaram was accused of embezzling millions of dollars of public funds.

Political opponents took advantage of Bucaram's perceived trust and loyalty in the selection of his cabinet. Many of Bucaram's ministers and senior officials were influenced by the people who were in control of the state sinceand made terrible mistakes. On top of that, the congress was still controlled by the PSC and the Popular Democracy Party, who both pushed Bucaram for " allowances " to approve laws and to consider Bucaram's laws and decrees.

In return Bucaram needed to push his cabinet for weekly "collections" to keep the congress "happy. Government opponents knew where the problems were, and scandal after scandal arose as a result. By the state had already been dismantled by several years of privatizations; there was no way to control corruption, also, there was no desire of Bucaram's officers to help in this matter. During the Latin American economic crisis, Ecuador was not the exception; the private banks and financial institutions took advantage of the false "bonanza," and the bankers ended up acquiring much state property.

Bankers felt the shortage and started to loan money to themselves to maintain their recently acquired properties. The cash flow started to decrease abruptly. The superintendency of banking, controlled by bankers, authorized the issuance of currency without support; this fired up a rapid currency devaluation. Bucaram had no alternative but to take strong anti-popular economic measures. Bucaram was a populist, so he had no defined political tendency. Massive protests against the proposed economic plan left Bucaram alone.

The indigenous and social movements who helped him to raise to the power now were against him. This protest led to his dismissal from the Ecuadorian presidency. He was dismissed by the congress on grounds of alleged mental incapacity. Bucaram's assumed insanity was never officially diagnosed; it was more a political maneuver of the PSC and Popular Democracy who were in control of the legislative and judicial power, also, Pachakutik and MPD supported the decision in exchange of political representation.

The constitutional court determined the congressional resolution to be anti-constitutional and rejected it. The congress ignored the constitutional court resolution and proceeded to confirm Fabian Alarcon as interim president.

2 familias enfrentadas recordaron a Roldós

Bucaram received political asylum in Panama City after several corruption charges were laid against him. He returned on Saturday, April 2,after the corruption charges were lifted the previous day.

He stayed in Guayaquil for about two and a half weeks.As a feministBucaram fought for changes to the Civil Code of Ecuador that would expand the role of women in Ecuadorian society. The crash, at meters over sea level ft.

The bodies were reportedly burned beyond recognition. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ecuadorian First Lady. This article uses Spanish naming customs : the first or paternal family name is Bucaram and the second or maternal family name is Ortiz. Martha Diana Santiago. Martha Bucaram".

Jaime Roldós Aguilera

Retrieved 2 August Diario La Hora in Spanish. Retrieved 29 April El Comercio in Spanish. Retrieved April 7, Categories : births deaths Ecuadorian people of Lebanese descent First Ladies of Ecuador Ecuadorian women lawyers Ecuadorian feminists Victims of aviation accidents or incidents in Ecuador.

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CFIT of disputed cause, officially pilot error. Huairapungo Hill, Loja Province, Ecuador. Beechcraft Super King Air Ecuadorian Air Force. Marsical Sucre International AirportQuito.

First Lady of Ecuador —In his short tenure, he became known for his firm stance on human rights. He attended high school at the Vicente Rocafuerte National School. He studied law and social sciences at the University of Guayaquil. He was an excellent student and won many awards, medals and scholarships. At the age of 37, he ran for president on a populist platform. In Decemberduring the nine-month interval between the first and second rounds of the electionan alleged plot to assassinate him, supposedly by eight Americans who were later charged with archeologic relics trafficking was reportedly foiled by the military government.

On November 2,he issued another decree doubling the minimum wage, to 4, sucres per month. On March 8,he established the National Development Plan. On April 15,he established a committee of notables to search for a solution for the power struggle in the National Congress, presided over by his former mentor Assad Bucaram. He named the "year of advances".

Clashes occurred in the regions of Paquisha, Mayaycu, and Machinatza. With great skill and diplomacy he left the territorial dispute to the arbitration by the Organization of American States. This policy was questioned by American conservatives, who considered it an excuse to justify Soviet meddling in the region, especially in Central America. Following the U.

The crash, at meters over sea level ft. The bodies were reportedly burned beyond recognition. The controversy about the cause of the crash began immediately, when the Accident Investigation Committee Junta Investigadora de AccidentesJIA of the Ecuadorian Air Force attributed the crash to navigational pilot error. A parliamentary commission formed months later, led by then-MP and former President Otto Arosemenafollowing pressure from the families of the victims and political groups allied with the president, found contradictions and inconsistencies in the JIA report, but could not reach definitive conclusions especially since the aircraft that was purchased by the Air Force to operate as a VIP transport lacked black box equipment.

A team of the Zurich Police also conducted an investigation, and concluded that the plane's motors were shut down when the plane crashed into the mountain. This opinion, which contradicted the Air Force Report, was not investigated further by the Ecuadorian government.

martha bucaram biografia

A second parliamentary inquiry, led by socialist MP Victor Granda, was formed in to review the findings of the Arosemena commission and the military investigations.

It criticized the Arosemena commission for its lack of further investigation into the Zurich police findings. Niall Fergusona historian known for his controversial mostly conservative views [ citation needed ]has described Perkins's allegations as implausible. Ferguson notes that that US economic involvement in Ecuador was minimal less than. According to the film, the Ecuadorian military was heavily sympathetic, if not directly involved, with Operation Condorthe regional repressive apparatus set up by the military dictatorships of the Southern Cone countries Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Almost immediately after the screening, Attorney General Galo Chiriboga announced his decision to reopen the investigation. The Navy was in charge of telecommunications, while the Air Force was in charge of psychological warfare. In Mayon the 35th anniversary of the crash, Attorney General Chiriboga announced the discovery of several documents, audiovisual and material evidence that was used in the first official inquiry, in an Ecuadorian Air Force depot.

Reportedly among the evidence were some small remains of the ill-fated Super King Air. Chiriboga announced that some of that evidence would be sent to Brazil for further analysis; and that he would embark on further investigation, among military installations, to look out for more remains from the aircraft. It is worth noting that former Defense Minister Fernando Cordero had declared in that despite documentation having been declassified inseveral files had been incinerated and other documents lost, a fact that his institution would investigate.

Cordero added that previous information requests by the Attorney General had been obstructed by missing or disorganized investigation records. He governed from August to Februarywhen he was removed by the National Congress on the grounds of "mental incapacity". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.Bucaram was the son of Lebanese immigrants.

Abdalá Bucaram

He became an accomplished athlete, competing for Ecuador as a hurdler in the Olympic Games in Munich. He went on to earn a degree in physical education. Later Bucaram completed a law degree at the State University in Guayaquil. His two terms in office —92 were marked by controversy.

Businessmen accused him of extortion; they claimed that he demanded money and harassed those who refused to pay. Bucaram fled to Panamawhere he was arrested for cocaine possession but was not convicted. He claimed that rivals had planted the drugs on him. In he was allowed to return to Ecuador, and he ran for the presidency in and He lost both bids but won a surprisingly large number of votes, even with his disputatious behaviour as mayor.

On July 7,Bucaram won the presidency by a comfortable margin, capturing Soon after Bucaram was inaugurated on August 10,his popularity faltered. He fled to Panama, where he was granted political asylum. Within a month of his return, however, Pres. The senior Bucaram continued to run the PRE from Panama, and in he returned to Ecuador after the charges against him expired.

Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Written By: Amy Tikkanen. Get exclusive access to content from our First Edition with your subscription. Subscribe today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. In elections held inQuito mayor Jamil Mahuad…. In February the National Congress, which had accused Bucaram of widespread corruption and nepotism, declared him mentally unfit to govern.

This move, however, was challenged…. Ecuadorcountry of northwestern South America. Ecuador is one of the most environmentally diverse countries in the world, and it has contributed notably to the environmental sciences. The first scientific expedition to measure the circumference of the Earth, led by Charles-Marie de La Condamine of France, was based in Ecuador;….

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Abdalá Bucaram

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