How to enable port on cisco switch 2960

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how to enable port on cisco switch 2960

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All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Georg Pauwen. VIP Mentor. Hello, the PoE ports are enabled by default and set to 'auto', which means the port automatically detects connected devices that are not powered, and supplies the power.

how to enable port on cisco switch 2960

In response to Georg Pauwen. Thanks you gpauwen :. Tausif Gaddi. Post Reply. Preview Exit Preview. You must be signed in to add attachments. Additional options Associated Products. You do not have permission to remove this product association. Latest Contents. Created by Xerg on PM.Use the shutdown interface configuration command to disable an interface.

Use the no form of this command to restart a disabled interface. The shutdown command causes a port to stop forwarding.

how to enable port on cisco switch 2960

You can enable the port with the no shutdown command. The no shutdown command has no effect if the port is a static-access port assigned to a VLAN that has been deleted, suspended, or shut down. The port must first be a member of an active VLAN before it can be re-enabled.

The shutdown command disables all functions on the specified interface. This command also marks the interface as unavailable. To see if an interface is disabled, use the show interfaces privileged EXEC command. An interface that has been shut down is shown as administratively down in the display. These examples show how to disable and re-enable a port:.

You can verify your settings by entering the show interfaces privileged EXEC command. Displays the statistical information specific to all interfaces or to a specific interface. Use the shutdown vlan global configuration command to shut down suspend local traffic on the specified VLAN. Use the no form of this command to restart local traffic on the VLAN.

The range is 2 to The default VLANs are 1 and to The command shuts down local traffic, but the switch still advertises VTP information. This example shows how to shut down traffic on VLAN You can verify your setting by entering the show vlan privileged EXEC command. Use the small-frame violation rate pps interface configuration command to configure the rate threshold for an interface to be error disabled when it receives VLAN-tagged packets that are small frames 67 bytes or less at the specified rate.

Use the no form of this command to return to the default setting. Specify the threshold at which an interface receiving small frames will be error disabled. The range is 1 to 10, packets per second pps. This command enables the rate threshold for a port to be error disabled when it receives small frames.

Small frames are considered packets that are 67 frames or less.Need to enable a port on a Cisco switch? Look no further! To begin you need to know what the name of the port is that you want to enable on the switch.

Review of Cisco Catalyst 2960S

This name or Port ID can be found by using the following command. Next, we need to enter privileged EXEC mode on the switch in order to issue the following commands. Now you can assign the selected port to a VLAN. Lastly, we want to bring this port interface up or enable it. To do use one of the following commands.

Your port should now be enabled and assigned to the VLAN you choose. You can to this to any other available port on your switch. If you would like to check on the status of the port interface that you just set up use the following commands.

If you followed this example you will likely need to enter the exit command two times in a row. Lastly, we can now show the status of the port interface you choose by entering the following command. We are going to stick with our example port for this command.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. To do this, type one of the following commands. Exit config mode by performing one of the following methods. Use Ctrl-Z to exit configuration mode.

Comments yeah! That worked for me. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website.When we think of connectivity in a network, the router is probably the first device that comes to mind, but switches play a vital role in enabling network devices to communicate. You also want to check the physical state of the device and verify that none of the cables are damaged.

If for any reason putty is not an option for your setup, you can get similar results with a PuTTY alternative. To start configuration, you want to connect the switch console to PuTTY.

You can do this by doing the following:. You can make the switch easier to locate in the network by assigning a hostname. Enter the following command to assign a hostname:. To assign an administrator password to enter the following command:. The next step is to configure passwords for Telnet and console access. Configuring passwords for these is important because it makes your switch more secure.

If someone without authorization gains telnet access then it puts your network at serious risk. You can configure passwords by entering the following lines See the top paragraph for Telnet and the bottom paragraph for Console access. ACLs ensure that only the administrator can connect to the router through Telnet. Next, you need to configure a network management IP address. You can do this by entering the following command:. At this stage, you want to assign a default gateway to the switch.

The default gateway is essentially the address of the router that the switch will be communicating with. To assign the default gateway, enter the command below change the IP address to that of your router.

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As a best practice, it is a good idea to disable any unused open ports on the switch. Cybercriminals often use unsecured ports as a way to breach a network. Closing these ports down reduces the number of entry points into your network and makes your switch more secure.

Saving the configuration will make sure that your settings are the same when you open up your next session. To save enter the following command:.

Catalyst 2960 and 2960-S Software Configuration Guide, 12.2(53)SE1

It is also a good idea to use a network traffic analyzer to monitor network traffic. As a Cisco device, your switch will have the communication protocol NetFlow. However, it must be configured first. You can configure NetFlow by completing the four steps below. Before we begin, enter Global Configuration Mode by executing the following command:.

Configuring a Cisco switch properly means your network can make connections efficiently. Completing simple tasks like configuring passwords and creating network access lists controls who can access the switch can enable you to stay secure online.

Incomplete or incorrect configurations are a vulnerability that attackers can exploit. Configuring a Cisco switch is only half the battle, you also have to regularly monitor its status. Any performance issues with your switch can have a substantial impact on your users. Using a network monitoring tool and network analyzer can help you to monitor switches remotely and review performance concerns.

how to enable port on cisco switch 2960

Taking the time out of your day to configure a switch and assign strong passwords gives you peace of mind so that you can communicate safely online. Follow these steps for a workaround:. The typical Cisco switch is ready to go out-of-the-box.This chapter defines the types of Catalyst and S interfaces and describes how to configure them. Note For complete syntax and usage information for the commands used in this chapter, see the switch command reference for this release and the Cisco IOS Interface Command Reference, Release This section describes the different types of supported interfaces with references to chapters that contain more detailed information about configuring these interfaces.

Note The stack ports on the rear of the switch are not Ethernet ports and cannot be configured. A VLAN is a switched network that is logically segmented by function, team, or application, without regard to the physical location of the users. VLANs can be formed with ports across the stack. The running configuration and the saved configuration are the same for all switches in a stack. Add ports to a VLAN by using the switchport interface configuration commands:.

Switch ports are Layer 2-only interfaces associated with a physical port. Switch ports belong to one or more VLANs. You use switch ports for managing the physical interface and associated Layer 2 protocols. A switch port can be an access port or a trunk port. You can configure a port as an access port or trunk port or let the Dynamic Trunking Protocol DTP operate on a per-port basis to set the switchport mode by negotiating with the port on the other end of the link.

Configure switch ports by using the switchport interface configuration commands. Note When you change a Layer 3 interface into Layer 2 mode, the configuration information related to the affected interface might be lost, and the interface is returned to its default configuration. Traffic is received and sent in native formats with no VLAN tagging.

Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches

Traffic arriving on an access port is assumed to belong to the VLAN assigned to the port. If an access port receives an The switch supports only An All other traffic is sent with a VLAN tag. The list of allowed VLANs affects only the associated trunk port. Traffic is forwarded to and from the trunk port for that VLAN. Additional SVIs must be explicitly configured. SVIs provide IP host connectivity only to the system. Beginning with Cisco IOS release Note When you create an SVI, it does not become active until it you associate it with a physical port.

EtherChannel port groups treat multiple switch ports as one switch port. An EtherChannel port group acts as a single logical port for high-bandwidth connections between switches or between switches and servers. An EtherChannel balances the traffic load across the links in the channel. If a link within the EtherChannel fails, traffic previously carried over the failed link changes to the remaining links.

You can group multiple trunk ports into one logical trunk port or multiple access ports into one logical access port.This chapter describes how to configure the port-based traffic control features on the Catalyst and S switches.

Unless otherwise noted, the term switch refers to a standalone switch and a switch stack. Note For complete syntax and usage information for the commands used in this chapter, see the command reference for this release. These sections contain this conceptual and configuration information:.

Storm control prevents traffic on a LAN from being disrupted by a broadcast, multicast, or unicast storm on one of the physical interfaces. Errors in the protocol-stack implementation, mistakes in network configurations, or users issuing a denial-of-service attack can cause a storm. Storm control or traffic suppression monitors packets passing from an interface to the switching bus and determines if the packet is unicast, multicast, or broadcast.

The switch counts the number of packets of a specified type received within the 1-second time interval and compares the measurement with a predefined suppression-level threshold.

Storm control uses one of these methods to measure traffic activity:. With each method, the port blocks traffic when the rising threshold is reached. The port remains blocked until the traffic rate drops below the falling threshold if one is specified and then resumes normal forwarding. If the falling suppression level is not specified, the switch blocks all traffic until the traffic rate drops below the rising suppression level. In general, the higher the level, the less effective the protection against broadcast storms.

Note When the storm control threshold for multicast traffic is reached, all multicast traffic except control traffic, such as bridge protocol data unit BDPU and Cisco Discovery Protocol CDP frames, are blocked. The graph in Figure shows broadcast traffic patterns on an interface over a given period of time.

How to Configure Cisco Switches: A step-by-step Command guide

The example can also be applied to multicast and unicast traffic. In this example, the broadcast traffic being forwarded exceeded the configured threshold between time intervals T1 and T2 and between T4 and T5. When the amount of specified traffic exceeds the threshold, all traffic of that kind is dropped for the next time period.

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Therefore, broadcast traffic is blocked during the intervals following T2 and T5. At the next time interval for example, T3if broadcast traffic does not exceed the threshold, it is again forwarded. Figure Broadcast Storm Control Example.

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The combination of the storm-control suppression level and the 1-second time interval controls the way the storm control algorithm works.

A higher threshold allows more packets to pass through. A threshold value of percent means that no limit is placed on the traffic. A value of 0. Note Because packets do not arrive at uniform intervals, the 1-second time interval during which traffic activity is measured can affect the behavior of storm control. You use the storm-control interface configuration commands to set the threshold value for each traffic type. By default, unicast, broadcast, and multicast storm control are disabled on the switch interfaces; that is, the suppression level is percent.

You configure storm control on a port and enter the threshold level that you want to be used for a particular type of traffic. However, because of hardware limitations and the way in which packets of different sizes are counted, threshold percentages are approximations.

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