Education system in germany pdf

education system in germany pdf

The quick search option allows you to use the free text box and search across all relevant databases on the German Education Server. This works similar to Google: enter one or more search terms in the box separated by blank spaces and then click onto the magnifying glass to the right, or press ENTER.

Please note you will be searching in English here. A schematic overview of the Basic Structure of the Education System in the Federal Republic of Germany gives you an idea of how the system is organised. For more details regarding specific aspects, please follow the links below. The aarticle presents a brief introduction to the education system in Germany and recent trends, particularly against the background of demographic change but also the so-called refugee crisisand funding issues, e.

With regard to higher education, Germany has only recently addressed an internationalisation strategy. Deutscher Bildungsserver Bildungsserver. Search Deutscher Bildungsserver Bildungsserver enter search term. Ariadne path: Homepage Find out more about Germany Education system facts. Copyright: Rawpixel. Display all.

Statistics - education Germany Statistics on education in Germany. Pre-school in Germany Pre-school education and care in Germany. Compulsory education in Germany school Compulsory education in Germany school system. Studying in Germany Studying in Germany internationalisation of higher education in Germany. Adult education and continuing education — lifelong learning Adult education and continuing education — lifelong learning. VET in Germany — a role model? Research funding Germany Research promotion and funding in Germany Research funding for international applicants to Germany.

Share content on social platforms requires javascript.Ages represent the typical age at the beginning of the school year. Numbers in bold print indicate ages of universal enrollment i. Numbers highlighted represent the age at which compulsory enrollment begins through the age at which compulsory enrollment ends. No meaning should be inferred from width of subdivisions. Duration of first university degree program is generally 4 years in Germany. Washington, DC: U. Government Printing Office.

However, the purpose of this document is to present a brief, general summary of education in Germany. The sources cited at the end of this section provide more specific details. NOTE: There are different types of secondary schools, some combining Hauptschule and Realschule for reporting purposes, this type is referred to as Schule mit mehreren Bildungsgangen. However, the type of school that a student attends is sometimes less important than the chosen track: at the end of lower secondary, all students who meet the requirements receive a leaving certificate.

At the Hauptschuleit is generally the Hauptschulabschluss.

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At the Realschulestudents typically receive the Realschulabschluss —also called the Mittlerer Schulabschluss —and at the Gesamtschuleboth types of diplomas are offered. NOTE: Gymnasium and Gesamtschule are generally combined lower and upper secondary schools, although students concentrate their studies on fewer subjects during the Gymnasiale Oberstufe.

Autorengruppe Bildungsberichterstattung. Bildung in Deutschland Bielefeld: WBV. Avenarius, H. A Handbook for Practice, Law and Research ] 8th ed.

education system in germany pdf

Kronach: Carl Link. Brussels: Eurydice. Marlow-Ferguson, R. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Paris: Author. Robitaille, D. Vancouver, Canada: Pacific Educational Press. Glossary on Education. Bonn: KMK. Skip Navigation. Search box. NCES December Upper secondary: Common name: General education: Gymnasiale Oberstufe : Academic upper secondary school. Students typically continue from lower second-ary Gymnasium or Gesamtschule.

Comprises grades 11 to 13 or 10 to Vocational education: Berufsschule : 3- to 4-year vocational school, which regularly includes an apprenticeship; students attend school part time while also doing an apprenticeship. Berufsfachschule : 1- to 3-year full-time specialized vocational school.

Fachoberschule : 2-year specialized vocational high school.Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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You can change your ad preferences anytime. System Of Education In Germany. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end.Do schools charge fees? Why is school compulsory? We explain the peculiarities of the German school system. Unlike in other countries with compulsory education, parents in Germany are not allowed to teach their children at home.

Children usually start school at the age of six and attend classes for at least nine years. Children first attend primary school for four years. In their fourth year the decision is made on how to continue their education. The secondary school system is divided into:. The Hauptschule ends after the 9th school grade with the Hauptschulabschluss certificate, the Realschule after the 10th grade with the Realschulabschluss certificate.

After that, young people can either start some form of vocational training or continue schooling. The Gymnasium ends after the 12th or 13th grade with the Abitur certificate, the entitlement to study at a university. Publicly run schools with their high level of education are free-of-charge in Germany and financed by taxes. About nine percent of pupils are taught at private schools that charge fees. Digitization: Many schools in Germany still lack a fast internet connection, the necessary modern technology, and teachers who are keen to use new teaching methods.

Equal opportunities: All children are supposed to have the same opportunities in education. However, educational success in Germany is highly dependent on social background. But the trend is positive, and progress on equal opportunities has been made. Newsletter UpdateGermany: You would like to receive regular information about Germany?

Subscribe here to:. How Germany ticks close. Germany and Europe. Development and Dialogue. Peace and Security. Global Issues and Law. Society and Integration. Lifestyle and Cuisine. Mobility and Travel. Sports and Leisure. Globalization and World Trade.

Innovation and Technology. Brands and Markets.

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Careers and Work. Energy and Technology. Education and Learning. Higher Education and Research.Are you interested in attending a free virtual fair where you can meet universities and chat with recruiters? Studying here will place you among some of the oldest and most established universities in the world, as well as some of the newest and most innovative. These institutions are state funded, meaning that students do not pay tuition fees apart from a small administrative cost at the start of each semester.

There are also around private institutions which do not receive government funding and are not state regulated, meaning that they set their own tuition fees. Higher education in Germany recently converted to the three-tier degree system of the European Higher Education Area established under the Bologna System. This system is designed to be the same throughout Europe, facilitating international educational mobility and enhancing flexibility in educational objectives.

The German higher education system differentiates between different types of universities for different disciplines:. Non-consecutive programs focus on a more specialized area of study. These courses may charge fees, and are more likely to require professional or practical experience on top of an undergraduate degree. Find programs in Germany. Get study abroad news directly in your inbox!

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Search online programs. Leave a review on Facebook so we can help others like you find their perfect study abroad adventure! Show educations. Category Program level Location Delivery method. The Education System in Germany. Education System. Student Visas. Tuition Fees. Entry Requirements. This field is used for controlling automatic form submits. Please leave it blank:. What country are you from? Sign me up! Last update: 15 Mar Like us?Their form drops considerably in the English winter, and as a result, so too does the form of the team they play for.

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education system in germany pdf

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The Education System in Germany

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School System in Germany

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